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It is the mission of the Town of Crawford Police Department to provide an exemplary level of service, ensuring safety and a peaceful quality of life to the residents and businesses of the Town of Crawford and to all those who may visit our community.

The men and women of the Town of Crawford Police Department will strive to protect the rights and integrity of all persons without prejudice or bias against race, religion, ethnic and national origin or sexual orientation within its jurisdiction; to safeguard the diversities of our communities and its citizens, to be free from criminal attack, threats of violence and persecution, secure in their possessions, and vigilant that together we can enjoy peace and harmony.

The Town of Crawford Police Department will honor the established principals of a democratic society. Among these is the most profound reverence for human life, the value of which far exceeds that of any property. In view of this, it is essential that every action of this Department and each of its members be consistent with that responsibility.

Police Department’s methods must stress cooperation with citizens based on trust rather than fear and they must emphasize prevention of crime as well as suppression of crime.

The existence and effectiveness of the Police Department depends on public approval of police actions and behavior and in general on the Police Department’s ability to secure and maintain the public’s respect.

This mission is a commitment to quality performance from all members. It is critical that members understand, accept, and be aligned with the responsibilities established by this mission. It provides the foundation upon which all decisions and organizational directives will be based. Directives include rules, regulations, operating policies, procedures, and practices.

This mission represents the commitment of this administration to the concepts of quality performance; members are expected to work consistently in a quality manner in the daily performance of those duties, job responsibilities, and work tasks associated with this mission. Quality manner means that performance comply with performance standards that include the oath of office, code of ethics, rules, policies, procedures, directives, general and supervisory orders, work productivity, and behavior.

Our pledge to the community is to continually strive to achieve these goals and to promote an organization based on excellence.