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January 27, 2021

            The Town of Crawford Police Department is proud to announce that all sworn personnel, including the chief, patrol and school resource officers, will be equipped with Body Worn Cameras.

In a response to the 2020 events that unfolded nationally the Crawford Town Board and the Crawford PBA requested the department revisit and gather information on implementing a body worn camera program.  After researching and comparing numerous vendors, the department selected the Officer Safety program from Axon International.

The department has implemented comprehensive procedures on the operation and use of Body Cameras. The policy is cognizant of the privacy concerns of our community members and protecting that privacy is a priority. Our officers have been trained regarding this and will adhere to a policy that protects those rights.

We believe that the use of these cameras will significantly enhance transparency and benefit both the community and our officers. Officers will be able to document and recount events accurately and specifically by reviewing the incidents for details rather than relying solely on memory recall. In addition, this added benefit will certainly enhance officer’s preparation for court cases.

While no technology is a perfect answer to all situations, Body Worn Cameras are a powerful tool that can assist police and give the community a better understanding of what happened during an encounter. However, cameras should not be considered the only source of detail recollection. Body-worn cameras do have limitations that need to be understood and considered when evaluating the recordings, despite natural limitations we believe the community and the officers, who work to improve the quality of life here, will benefit from their use.

The Crawford Police Department is proud of our officers and their service. This was the leading reason for why we explored and ultimately implemented the body worn cameras. We are proud of our officers’ professionalism and unafraid to record their everyday activity.

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